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linda magdalena

I'm a Conscious Creative who puts my whole heart into what I do, with a conceptual and strategic mindset.
As an Art Director and Illustrator, I work with national and international clients. I absolutely love identities, storytelling, concept development and the emotional aspects behind our communication. I have almost 20 years of experience in branding and visual communication. My focus has been corporate identity, concept development, advertising campaigns, environmental design, and illustration.
I'm an avid learner in the holistic field and superpassionate about plants. As an Herb Artist, I explore plants and their identities from personal, mythological, folklore, and scientific perspectives. I draw, dye, and paint with herbal colours and create plant pigments. I also teach and give classes. My book "Crash-landing in the unknown" is a story about how happiness affects colour and preserving the natural beauty of Mother Earth.
In a world witnessing the breakdown of many unsustainable processes, it’s time to rethink our values and our relationship with the earth. Based on my values, passion, and entrepreneurial mindset, I founded "Alder Olmai supernaturalcolors", where we are breaking new ground with ancient knowledge. Visit

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