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Teach your kids about preserving the natural beauty of Mother Earth

Crash-landing in the unknown  |   A book for children & readers of all ages


"there is a crisis, our neighbouring kingdoms are dying, and the Echinacea flower heads out on a journey"...

You find this book on the bookshelves for children aged 6-9, – although it is a book suitable for all ages, who want get to know plant personalities and the strenght of an Echinacea.



One stormy night, the curious flower Hugleaf got pulled out with his roots and flew out in the dark night, leaving his peaceful home next to the old wise tree. Hugleaf smashed into Rainspider and together they flew over valleys and crash-landed in a country beyond what they had ever seen. Injured and surprised, they looked around to see only grey, or is it them that can’t see colour anymore? Follow Hugleaf and Rainspider on a journey where they meet serene lilies and scary dragons, in a world where each intelligent flower has something to say and give. Will the grey country regain its colour?


Linda Magdalena Jonsson is a Swedish art director and illustrator with a degree in communication design from Swinburne University in Sydney, where she was awarded the Murray Zanoni Drawing Prize. She is a student of herbal medicine, having healed from chronic fatigue and hypothyroid with help from plants and vibrational medicine. During this time, she started to dream about plants and became fascinated by their unique characteristics, their intelligence and healing properties.

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