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What did I learn from drawing every day in 100 days?

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

BACKGROUND: I had numerous ideas lined up in my notebook, but how would I be able to get them to flow out of me?

– So when I read about another illustrator who had done a 100-day challenge on Instagram. Instantly I knew that, that was the output I was looking for!

In a few days I was sorted, excited and eager to start with pencils, ink, papers.

To my delight, my dear friend and designer Emelie joined. There is a big supporting society on social, but to have someone dear, to share thoughts, ideas or concerns with means everything. I imagine that the creative journey also becomes more playful.

MY GOAL: I wanted to step up, to find a sharper discipline and consistency in my art and creative work.

THE CHALLENGE: I started every day by finding out what herb I wanted to study that day. I had no structure at all, the process was thoroughly intuitive (I randomly opened up a new page in any of my herb books).

Each herb has its own character and my purpose was to express it. What medium? What was the essence? Some days I felt so humble in front of the herb and wondered how I would ever be able to express something worthy of that beauty? Anyway, I could only do my best.

CONCLUSION: I did something every day in 100 days. I posted it on Instagram. I loved it.

This is what I take with me:

1) To have a realistic everyday deadline is the core. Small things every day makes a big difference, and by achieving the small thing every day gives inspiration for the next day.

2) Be super passionately about the topic.

3) Don't take it too seriously or get caught up in details. Accept that #ok is enough (I was sweating about that;). The creative joy was the key. To have fun, was what mattered.

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